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Preyed on humans for their blood. Now, he wants to be mortal again. To repay society for his sins. To emerge from his world of darkness, from his endless Forever Knight.

Detective Nick Knight
Badge # 8072 Dept. 314
Toronto Metro Homicide

Nicholas de Brabant
Brother Nicholas
Nicholas Chevalier
Dr. Knight
Nicolas Hammond
Nick Parker
Nicholas Forrester
Nicholas Girard
Nick Thomas
Nick Corrigan

He is a vampire homicide cop, bent on atonement. We are his followers, sworn to believe in:

The Canadian Way
The ends not justifying the means
Cool Caddies (regardless of color)
Shots of Ger without a shirt (well, the women, anyway)
Life, not immortality

We are...The Knighties!


Three new photos in the Nick Gallery, and new sounds on the sound page, and all of the faction links are updated, along with the links to the fanfic page and the Virtual Fourth Season page. Also, the air dates for the next two Ger episodes of Dracula: The Series are up on the Dracula mini-page.

'Forever Knight' is currently airing Monday-Thursday on the Sci-Fi Channel at 9:00p and 1:00a EST. The episodes are longer than the first-season American versions, but shorter than the Canadians -- at least we're getting some of those extra scenes!

And for 'new' episodes, check out the efforts of the FKFIC-L writers at the Virtual Fourth Season home page.

Knight Watch

The Nick Gallery -- lots of pics of our favorite vamp.

Nick Sounds -- Sound files from many episodes.

Knight.Watch -- e-mail Karen Tobin to join the Knightie mailing list; it's not just for wars anymore!

Knighties on the Net

Nancy Duemling

Lillian Feden

Allie Percy

Amy Potter


Factions -- explanation and listing of the FORKNI-L factions, and links to the wars, the war drinking game, and list information.

Top Twenty Reasons to be a Knightie -- written by Marcia Tucker and Catherine Boone.

FKFIC-L Archive -- the definitive Forever Knight fanfic archive.

Forever Knight Drinking Game -- written by FORKNI-L as a more or less group effort. HTML by Amparo.

Forever Knight Quote List -- Perri's collection of the wit and wisdom of Nick Knight -- and pretty much everyone else on the show, plus some goodies from FORKNI-L members. For reading and/or contributing.

Geraint Wyn Davies

The talented actor who so wonderfully portrays our favorite vampire on the syndicated television series.

Biography and credits

The Ger Gallery -- pics of Ger candidly and in other roles

The Geraint Wyn Davies Fan Club -- run by Rosemary Shad

GWD's 1995 and Jan. 28, 1996 AOL chats.

Ger is starring in a new series in Canada called Black Harbour.

Dracula: The Series -- info on Ger's other vampire gig, including sound...ah...bites, courtesy of Laura W. Petix.

'The Taming of the Shrew' home page -- a record of the FK fan descent on Toronto to see Ger as Petruchio in 1996.

Other Forever Knight Information

The Save Forever Knight page -- we'll quit campaigning when they pry our cold, dead fingers off our keyboards!

The "Official" Kickstart the Knight Webpage The latest news on the campaign for more Forever Knight!

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